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An excellent condition matched pair of Selmer 10S II clarinets, which are a commission sale for Clarinets Direct. This pair have been professionally owned and played here in the UK. The Selmer 10 series was the first major model manufactured by Selmer to adopt a small bore undercut design, in the Buffet Crampon manner. The 10S II represents a major revision of the design which was undertaken in the late 1980's. Selmer seem to have tried to make the 10S II sit more easily with the later Recital clarinet: Compared to the original the instrument seems "darker toned" and plays slightly lower in pitch, i.e. aimed more at the US market. Metal middle tenons are featured on both Bb and A, at the bottem of the upper joint, with the A also having a metal sleeved receiver tenon at the top of the lower joint. The impression is one of solid, durable, build quality. Both instruments feature adjustable thumb rests.
This Bb, S/N N06750, dates to the 2000's and has Silver plate, in pristine condition throughout. There are no cracks or damage to the wood, which is in excellent condition. All pieces are original and have matching stamps. The white leather pads, which are not new, are very good throughout. The A, has matching serial nos. N09589. Like the Bb it is in pristine conditiuon throughout. Again it has white leather pads in very good condition, and excellent condition wood with no blemishes. The key work is well regulated. The case is an Orly, again in very good condition.