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An extremely fine matched pair of Selmer 10G clarinets, which are a commission sale for Clarinets Direct, having come to us via a UK academic and collector. The Selmer 10G was named for Anthony Gigliotti, onetime principal Clarinet of the Philadelphia Orchestra. Gigliotti had become frustrated with certain shortcomings in the R13 design and went to Buffet Crampon with modifications, Buffet weren't impressed, but Selmer were. The result was the 10G: an improved, "Americanised "R13, with warmer sound and better intonation. Hans W Moennig and Ralph Morgan were also major contributors to the design. In his book "Clarinet Acoustics" O. Lee Gibson, stated that in comparisons with all other major clarinet manufacturers designs, the 10G was consistently the most in tune.
 The Bb, S/N E3952, has wood and Silver plate in pristine condition. There are no cracks or repairs, the wood is in perfect condition throughout. The pads, which are fish skin, are also in good condition. The instrument has gone through our workshop, with any pads replaced as necessary. The A S/N D6582, is in excellent order throughout with wood showing no cracks or damage. Again all pads are in excellent condition. The original Selmer case is in good condition , the m'piece is a used Selmer HS*. These are late 10Gs,featuring an adjustable thumb rest and replacing the "crows foot" with a screw regulated arm, in the manner of a B&H 1010. In the past many famous 1010 players initially made the change to French instruments via the 10G, which has a particularly warm tone, possibly foremost amongst these was the late Dame Thea King, Thurston's widow.