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An extremely fine Selmer 10G clarinet. The Selmer 10G was named for Anthony Gigliotti, onetime principal Clarinet of the Philadelphia Orchestra. Gigliotti had become frustrated with certain shortcomings in the R13 design and went to Buffet Crampon with modifications, Buffet weren't impressed, but Selmer were. The result was the 10G: an improved, "Americanised "R13, with warmer sound and better intonation. Hans W Moennig and Ralph Morgan were also major contributors to the design. This Bb, S/N D3869, has wood and Silver plate in very good condition. There is a pinned surface crack repair to the top of the upper joint [see photo 5]. It is an old & unnecessary repair: the crack doesn't enter the bore OR go into a tone hole. The current owner has played these instruments at the RCM and tells me that the repair has been stable for the last 3 years with heavy and consistent use. There is also a small hair line crack to one of the Bb barrels {65mm}. As 10G barrels are ebonite lined, after the Moennig pattern, this is also not an issue. The remainder of the wood is in excellent condition, as are the pads and corks.  The case is an older Selmer and comes with a key, the m'piece is a used Vandoren B45.