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An extremely fine Selmer 10G clarinet, in Silver plate. The Selmer 10G was named for Anthony Gigliotti, onetime principal Clarinet of the Philadelphia Orchestra. Gigliotti had become frustrated with certain shortcomings in the Buffet R13 design in the late 1960's and went to Buffet Crampon with modifications, Buffet weren't impressed, but Selmer were. The result was the 10G: an improved, "Americanised" R13, with warmer sound and better intonation. Hans W Moennig and Ralph Morgan were also major contributors to the design.
This Bb, S/N Y1836, dates to the late 1970's and has Silver plate in good condition. What wear there is is mainly to the pillars, rather than the keywork, though there is slight tarnish to some of the longer barrels and trill keys. This is an earlier production model. There are no cracks or damage to the wood which is in excellent order throughout. The instrument has been well maintained, with the current owner just having up-graded to a pair, on starting a performance course at University, and this instrument is a commission sale for Clarinets Direct. The fish skin pads, whilst used, are all sealing well. All parts are original and stamped "10G". The case is also the original, in good used condition, complete with leather case cover. The m'piece is a used Vandoren B40, again in good condition.