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A rare and unusual pair of B&H 1010's which are a commission sale for Clarinets Direct, and have an impressive provenance. These instruments were originally owned by Tom Whitestone, for many years a member of the English National Ballet Orchestra. Tom had the pair modified with the addition of the Acton patent vent, but, in a neat and excellent design, which Tom believes was by Ward & Winterbourne, though at this distance of time he is not completely sure who he commissioned to do the work. Subsequently, on his retirement, the pair were sold to Michael Pearce of the Philharmonia and BBC Concert Orchestra. The pair's most recent owner is an amateur, who has just bought a pair of Buffet Prestige clarinets. This pair have seen much use.
The instruments have Pisoni Premium Deluxe Tan leather pads throughout, which are in excellent condition. The Bb, serial no. 264759, has had the rear thumb rest, with sling hook, re-positioned lower twice, and the screw holes for the thumb rest filled, with one left unfilled. The Silver plate throughout is in fair condition. There is noticeable wear to the ring finger touchpieces as well as the "pinky" keys, though the plating is not worn through. The A, serial no. 269569, has, like the Bb, had the thumb rest moved lower, and the screw holes filled, apart from one. The Silver plate throughout is in similar shape to the Bb. The A also has a repaired crack to the upper joint. There are 2 barrels of 64.5mm and 62.5mm. The supplied m'pieces are a B&H 1010 No. 2, and a Vandoren M30, which has been bored out to 1010 dimensions, both are again, in good used condition. The case is a modern Pro-tech in excellent condition. NB Not pictured.