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NOW PRICE REDUCED BY 10%. And an additional B&H 1010 No. 2 mouthpiece included. A pair of B&H Symphony 1010 clarinets which are a commission sale for Clarinets Direct. They have only ever had one owner, and have been very well cared for, he has recently bought a pair of English bore Rossi clarinets.
The instruments have Eddie Ashton superpads throughout. All are sealing well and will be good for many years to come. The Bb, matching serial nos. 464896, has only slight wear to the Silver plate, mainly to the ring fingers. In common with the A clarinet the throat G sharp key has been lengthened in order that it can be played with LH2, as in the Simple System keywork layout. There is no damage to the wood, which is in good order throughout, though there are surface marks and scuffs. The A, matching serial nos. 463363, has Silver plate in fine order, with only a patch of wear to the register key touchpiece. Again there are no cracks or damage to the wood. All pieces are matching and original. Like the Bb, the A features the later design of Acton patent Vent for improved RH tuning. Both clarinets date to 1977. There are 2 barrels of 64.5mm and 62.5mm. The supplied m'piece is a B&H 1010 No. 2, which is in fair used condition, with some discolouration to the ebonite, and ligature scratches. The case is the original, which is much used with tears to the interior.