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An extremely rare pair of "enhanced Boehm" B&H 1010's which were a special order from the factory and are a commission sale for Clarinets Direct. These instruments area one owner pair, and the original purchaser initially ordered a Bb from Boosey & Hawkes on the occasion of his first professional employment. A couple of years later, having saved up, he was able to then complete the pair with an A from B&H. The pair play with a "classic" early 1010 sound with lots of character and projection in the tone. Despite pre-dating the Acton patent vent, the tuning throughout is good.
The instruments have just been down to our workshop for a thourough check up, with pads, touch and tenon corks replaced as necessary. The Bb, serial no. 257141, has no cracks or repairs to the wood though the original screw holes for the thumb rest have been filled, which has been re-positioned higher. The Silver plate throughout is in very good condition. All pads are used tan leather in excellent condition, the pair have been very well cared for. The A, serial no. 288926, has no cracks or repairs, though, like the Bb amore modern adjustable thumb rest has been moved higher, and the screw holes left unfilled. The original thumb rests are also included in the sale. The Silver plate throughout is in excellent shape. The A has had significantly less use than the Bb. There are 2 barrels of 64.5mm and 62.5mm. The supplied m'piece is a Vandoren B40, bored out to 1010 dimensions, which is, again, in good used condition. The original case is in good condition.