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This Bb B&H 1010 clarinet is a commission sale for Clarinets Direct. It has most recently been owned by an amateur player but formerly it belonged to Tony Lamb, ex-Principal Clarinet of English National Opera. All of Tony's clarinets are carefully selected and often undergo further expensive after market improvements by Jon Steward ex-T. W. Howarth & Co. Typically this involve correcting intonation faults and improving the evenness of the scale. Thus when his instruments are offered back to the market they are immeasurably improved on standard production line B&H 1010s.
This Bb, with matching serial nos. 469716, has wood throughout in very good condition, apart from the bell rim, which shows some scuffs and dings. All tan leather pads are "as new", as are the touch and tenon corks. The Silver plate shows some slight wear mainly to the ring fingers, and the throat G#, A & register keys. For several years this instrument was Tony Lamb's main Bb and the wear is commensurate with careful use. This clarinet features the late version of the Acton patent vent, for improved tuning in the RH. The thumb rest has been re-positioned slightly higher and the old screw holes filled. The m'piece is an original Boosey & Hawkes No. 2 in good condition,. The case is in very good used condition.