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Clarinets Direct is fortunate to count many of the UK's finest players amongst our clientele. One such is Tony Lamb: Principal Clarinet of English National Opera. From time to time Tony sells part of his superb collection of 1010 instruments as he makes room for further acquistions; in the elusive search for the "perfect" 1010! All of Tony's clarinets are carefully selected and often undergo further expensive after market improvements by Jon Steward of T. W. Howarth & Co. Typically this involve correcting intonation faults and improving the evenness of the scale. Thus when his instruments are offered back to the market they are immeasurably improved on standard production line B&H 1010s. This instrument was initially bought by a semi-professional player living in Belgium, from Clarinets Direct. He now finds it necessary to sell on some of his fine collection, and this is the first of his instruments to be offered for sale.
Here we have a mid 1980's second generation Acton Vent 1010 in superb condition. The intonation is excellent, fit to be played in one of the world's finest orchestras. The m'piece is a Lomax re-bored to 1010 dimensions. The banding at the top, in carbon fibre, is hard to explain: It is usually associated with a crack repair. However this instrument has been thoroughly checked over by many experts, including Jon Steward of Howarth's, and our own workshop. Nobody, and this includes the owners, has been able to find a crack. Possibly it has completely closed up: Certainly there is no sign of a crack in the bore. All pads are Pisoni Premium Deluxe Tan Leather in good condition. The plating overall is excellent with only slight wear to the E/B key. The lower tenon cork has been secured with sellotape , this aside all corks are good. The case is a B&H of the period in good used condition. This instrument compares extremely favourably with an Eaton Elite Bb, which currently costs over 3000.