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A very rare enhanced Boehm B&H 1010 Symphony Bb clarinet which is a commission sale for Clarinets Direct. The instrument features an articulated C#/G# key which allows for improved trilling and rapid alternation of pitches from C#/G# downwards.
This Bb, serial no. 437080, was recently bought from a dealer on eBay, and the current owner has asked us to sell it on for him. It was advertised on eBay has having had a full overhaul, which it has indeed had, [in fish skin pads, apart from the first trill key which is in cork]. However it was also advertised on eBay as being free from cracks and repairs, neither of which was true: The barrel was cracked, and the current owner has bought a new "old stock" example which is indeed crack free, this now supplied with the clarinet. There was also a crack at the top of the lower joint between the two top pads. This we have filled and sealed. Fortunately the interior of the tenon bore is metal sleeved at this point, so the crack does not go through to the bore. We have also re-seated several pads and set the instrument up well, so that it now plays as it should. The Silver plate throughout is in excellent condition. The instrument has serial number 437080 clearly stamped on the upper joint [photo 11], however the same serial number stamped on the lower joint [photo 9] appears irregular, with different type font, and seems to have been altered. Another anomaly is that B&H 1010's in this serial number range, 400,000, should feature the later Acton Patent Vent, which this instrument does not, and also, the linkage for the F/C pad cup is not present. Instead the "crows foot" mechanism, which is present, suggests a much older instrument prior to the 200,000 serial number range. The supplied m'piece is a B&H 1010, in fair condition. The case is modern and in fine used condition.