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Buffet Crampon is the undisputed finest volume maker of clarinets in the World today. This clarinet is one of their most expensive models, a Tosca. The Tosca is the latest incarnation of the legendary R13 model. This instrument is part of a number of clarinets that Joe Pacewicz is selling off as he leaves the RSNO. Joe is fastidious in his choice, and care, of his clarinets. This particular Greenline model was hand selected by him new at the Buffet factory some 3 years ago.
The instrument is in near mint condition, with only slight wear to the logo stamps to distinguish it from new. The plating is pristine. The wood is without mark or blemish: NO damage or cracks whatsoever. The instrument features a LH Ab/Eb key. The intonation and response are outstanding. The matching serial numbers are 636866. The pads are white leather throughout in "as new" condition. There are 2 supplied barrels, one is the original Greenline Tosca Buffet of 41.5 mm, and the other a shorter Buffet 40.5mm Tosca Eb, but in wood, not Greenline. The supplied mouthpiece is a new Yamaha 6C for play testing. The original Buffet Tosca case is also "as new".