The Clarinets Direct Guide to selecting the right clarinet

Standard Appropriate Clarinet
Young Child, Small hands, Beginner.

Player with health problems affecting finger position i.e. Arthritis

Child, Beginner A
Adult, Beginner A/B/X
Adult or older child, re-starting B/C/D
Music Grades, 3-5 B/C
Music Grades, 5-8 C/D/E
Grade 8, Diploma and above. D/E

X. Harmony and plateau clarinets.

New price, £125-1200.    

Our Price £50-1600

A. Resonite, Ebonite, Composite and plastic clarinets

New price, £275-600

Our Price £80-195

B. Entry level wooden clarinets.

New price, £660-880

Our  Price £225-695

C. Semi-professional Wooden Clarinets.

New price, £750-1,400

Our Price £295-995

D. Professional models.

New price, £1240-2,500 

Our  Price £395-1495

E. Top professional models and hand made Clarinets.

New price, £1800+

Our  Price, £645+

Kinder Eb Clarinet

Lyons C

Plateau Bb Clarinets: Leblanc Vito, Leblanc, Noblet & Selmer 

Buffet; B10/12.

Yamaha; 250, 26 26II

Selmer; Bundy, CL 300 NB both Selmer USA

Leblanc; Vito

Jupiter; 631, 633

Bliss/Backun; 320, 310

B&H; Regent & Edgeware in plastic 


Buffet; E10/E11 & Evette.

Yamaha; 450, 34, 34II, 32

Leblanc; Normandy

Selmer; CL100, 200

Jupiter; 737

B&H; Wooden Edgeware

Early Howarth made by Marigaux

Buffet; E13, Limite, Evette & Schaeffer, Master Model.

Yamaha; 650, 65, 62, 61, 52.Selmer Prologue

Leblanc; Sonata & Esprit, Noblet 40

Selmer; Prologue

B&H; Emperor

Buffet; C12, R13, RR13, RC, BC20, S1, Continentale, & all pre- 1978 Buffets with Buffet stamp.

Yamaha; SE, AE, 81,82, 85 Customs.

Selmer; all models up to and including Series 10. And Odysee, Artys & Signature.

Leblanc; Concerto, Noblet Artist

B&H; Imperial 926 & Symphony 1010



Buffet; Elite, DG, Vintage, Prestige, Festival & Tosca.

Yamaha; SEV

Leblanc; Opus, Ambiance

Selmer; St Louis, Privilege

Howarth; S2 & S3

Makers: Hammerschmidt, Seggelke, Wurlitzer, Albert, Rossi, Uebel, Eaton, etc



This is by no means a definitive list. C. D. takes no liability for any omissions or errors. The aim is a fairly comprehensive overview of the more common clarinets on the market; including some which are out of production.