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This is an extremely fine single piece, wrap-around, Professional model Buffet Eb Clarinet, S/N 452M1 which dates to 1920. It was the former property of a professional player and is in extremely good condition for its age. The wood shows no cracks or damage, only minor surface marks, excepting one repaired, sealed crack to the bell. LP is stamped on all pieces, i.e. this clarinet was made to play at A=440Hz. The instrument has just been fully overhauled in our workshop in Pisoni Premium Deluxe Tan Leather pads, and is sold with our full years warranty. The m'piece is a later Buffet in ebonite, in good condition. The case is the original, which still latches well, the clarinet is clamped securely by two holders. A superb quality Eb with excellent intonation.