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This matched pair of Buffet R13 Prestige clarinets are a commission sale for Clarinets Direct. This fine pair have been professionally owned and played by a member of the English National Opera Orchestra, and are exceptional examples. The former owner hand selected them from many Buffet Prestiges. And they have been exceptionally well maintained.
The Bb has serial no. 336852, dating to 1991. The wood is in overall excellent condition, with no cracks or repairs. The Silver plate shows wear commensurate with careful use: The rings are worn, as are the RH low Eb/Ab key and low F/C. The plating is about 95%. All pads are Pisoni Tan Leather in good condition. There are 2 supplied barrels of 64.0mm and 65.0mm. Both instruments have been down to our workshop for a thorough "check down" with any regulation and touch cork work done as necessary.
The A, serial no. 308529, dates to 1988. Despite the difference in years of manufacture this pair was bought as a "Matched Pair". It has no cracks or repairs. The Silver plate throughout is in good shape, as the instrument has seen less use. There is only slight tarnish to one of the long rods on the lower joint. All Pisoni Tan Leather pads are in very good condition as are the corks. There are 2 barrels of 63.5mm, and 65.0mm. The m'piece is a brand new Vandoren B40. The case is the original Buffet, with combination locks, in pristine condition.